Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

Five Finds under Fifty 1.3

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

I don’t drink Pumpkin Spice Lattes but I sure do get excited when Starbucks starts serving them…it is FALL!!!  I just LOVE this time of year!!  I love the colors, I love the layering and I love the coziness of it all.  Oh and my BIRTHDAY is in October!!!

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

This dress is so darling.  I am not usually a fan of forest green, but it is SO GOOD here.  This dress screams Fall to me.  It is perfect for so many occasions – church, dinner with girls, date night.  Throw tights on and it is great for work and the kids school activities!!

Forest Green Floral Dress – $35

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

So darn cute!!  I love that fashion is taking a fun and carefree approach.  Wear this sweatshirt with black jeans or even black structured sweat pants and you are so chic!!

Grey Pom Pom Sweatshirt – $43.75 with code GOSHOP

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

I will be the first to admit, I used to think these were unnecessary and just another thing to market for purchase.  Well, if you look inside my carry on travel bag’s side pocket, you will soon realize a bunch of these cords tangled together is just ridiculous.  This is officially a necessity for me and I am digging the orange.  AND, the monogram is FREE on this item!!

Leather Charger Roll Up – $49 (complimentary monogram)

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

Embellishment is HUGE this Fall and Winter.  I love that these pearls are just at the top of the jeans.  It’s not too much yet enough to make a statement.  Picture these jeans with a white button down and adorable mules like these.

Pearl Detail Skinny Jeans – $49

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 6 2017

New Balance 620 Casual Sneakers – $49.98

So, as much as I LOVE dressing up…tennies are pretty much my everyday uniform.  I have these shoes without the pink and I am LOVING the pink.  It is the perfect feminine touch and obviously so comfy.  I wear mine with jeans and leggings and sweats.

Have a GREAT weekend!!  We have landed in Michigan with the kids for the Michigan/Michigan State game.  And guess what…we are HOME next weekend (HALLELUJAH!!)

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

Five Finds under Fifty

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

I am looking forward to this series!!  I am going to focus on FUN and even unexpected items.  Obviously, affordable, so there will be trendy items, but I will never lose sight of the classics.  Let me know your thoughts!!


Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

House Beautiful Style Secrets – What Every Room Needs – $26.38

I absolutely LOVE coffee table books because quite frankly, they’re PRETTY!!  But, I love it even more when I actually wanna open the pages and read.  This one I will read!!

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

JCrew Leopard Sweatshirt – $49.50

Leopard, oh leopard.  I feel like I have a love/hate relationship with this darn pattern.  Mostly love, but those few times it’s done in poor taste, I can never get those images out of my head.  Anyone else know what I am sayin?!?!

How chic and timeless is this sweatshirt?!?!  I love that I can easily be prepped up with a popped collar underneath but can you imagine how darn CHIC you would look rocking it with structured sweatpants.  (I said structured for a reason…sweatpants still need to look cute and fit well!!  And, I am pretty sure I was using my Mom voice with that last sentence…hahaha)

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

Embroidered Skinny Jeans – ON SALE for $41.30

GET THESE!!!!  A. the reviews are GREAT and B. embroidery is HUGE this Fall and Winter.  At this price point you will have no regrets.  I have a pair that I am featuring on the blog very soon!!  TRUST ME on this one!!

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

Twill Peplum Jacket – ON SALE $44.98

This is one of those items I was referring to in the opening paragraph – a CLASSIC.  I wear my utility jacket year round.  It is lightweight enough to wear on chilly Summer evenings but will be your go-to each Spring and Fall.  I love it with striped dresses for a preppier feel but how amazing does it look with simple jeans.

Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less September 22 2017

ASOS Marie Wide Fit Bow Flat Mule – $21

Mules are here for a while!!  A silver pair like these will get you through so many outfits. Date night with the hubby rocking skinny jeans and a blazer as well as to work with your black slacks and white button down, these mules are perfect!!!


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Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail

Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail

I am guilty of thinking a signature drink makes a party.  Remember this FUN drink from Nicole’s birthday party.  We were supposed to color our aprons, but was having so much fun chatting about the birthday drink, the aprons never saw a marker…haha.

A couple weeks ago, I hosted a combo party…Stella & Dot and Wine Decadence.  Talk about the perfect combination – jewelry and wine!!  Obviously I wanted a signature drink (insert sassy hand blonde emoji) and I wanted it to center around the Piccini Prosecco from the Wine Decadence line.  But, I wanted it to be EASY…time was of the essence!!

After a quick Pinterest search, I found the perfect cocktail.  I changed a little bit of it to make it my own, but it stems from the one found on Unexpected Elegance.

It was so delicious I made it again for a small 4th of July party we hosted here at the house.  I added the red white and blue straws for some patriotism!!

How yummy does this look?!?!

Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail


Fresh Raspberries and Blackberries

Simple Syrup (homemade or store bought)

One bottle of Piccini Prosecco

Mint (from my neighbor’s garden!! Thank you Kathy!!)


Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail

This is my favorite Prosecco…I use it for Mimosas too!!

Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail


Muddle the berries

Add Simple Syrup (**see homemade directions below**) and ice to the muddled berries, shake well to ensure everything is combined well

Feel free to add non-muddled berries to the glass for presentation

Pour the berry syrup over the non-muddled berries to fill the glass 1/3 full and then add the Piccini Prosecco to top the glass off

Top it off with fresh mint


**We usually make our own Simple Syrup only because we don’t have the store bought bottle on hand.  Super simple – 1/2 cup sugar, 1/2 cup water, bring to a boil, remove from the heat, stir, let cool.  Chill in the fridge until ready to use. **

Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail

I don’t have a muddler so I used what was on hand and it is one of the kids mini rolling pin and it worked perfectly.  If it hadn’t been a hectic day, I would have let the kids help with this step…so fun!!

Very Berry Prosecco Cocktail

ta da…muddled berries

Very Berry Prosecco CocktailVery Berry Prosecco CocktailVery Berry Prosecco Cocktail

The drink is truly very SIMPLE to make and sets the stage for any Spring or Summer party you’re hosting.  Will you try it!?!  And if so, please send me a text or tag me…I would LOVE to see!!

If you are interested in ordering wine from Ali or want to host a party (lots of tastings and SO. MUCH. FUN.) contact Ali via email –