Mom's Getaway Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day Gifts – Mom’s Getaway

I am currently on a Mom’s Getaway and I asked each of the gorgeous mama’s I am with, “what do you truly want for Mother’s Day”.  They each said very similar things and everything centered around Summer and the beach/pool.  Granted, the salty air and beach waves may be on our minds, but, Summer is right around the corner and each said they need a couple things to feel ready.

Mom's Getaway Mother's Day Gift Ideas

1. Polka Dot Luggage Tag (ON SALE)  2. Mark & Graham Vibrant Overnighter (ON SALE)  3. Paisley Wet/Dry Bag (ON SALE)  4. L Space Jaime Bikini 5. Eric Javits Braid Dame Sun Hat 6. Rip Curl Heart Break One Piece 7. Sailor Stripe Canvas Tote  8. Quay Australia Aviator Sunglasses  9. Stripe Raffia Tote

  1. While in the airport, we all noticed we each need luggage tags.  All of ours are old or raggedy.
  2. Each of said, a weekender bag that we can take on a quick trip via car would be perfect!!
  3. I NEED this for the pool for the kids and when we leave Shark Tooth Island.  To have a bag to put the kids and my wet suit in would be ideal.  I currently use a grocery store plastic bag, hahaha
  4. I personally haven’t purchased a new swimsuit in a couple of years.  I adore the color of the L Space one and the crisscross is so darn cute.
  5. LADIES…you need this hat.  It is a splurge because it has SPF in it, so asking for it for a gift on Mother’s Day would be perfect!!  You will not regret this purchase once!!
  6. I adore this one piece.  It doesn’t feel like a “mom’s one piece” because of the sheer torso but isn’t inappropriate with lots of cutouts.  I also love the combination of black and nude!!
  7. We all need beach and pool bags…nothing says it better than navy and blue stripes.
  8. I am soooo into the oversized aviators these days!!  These are $60!!
  9. The handle on this raffia bag makes it super easy to carry while you’re toting your kids or beach chairs.
Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

Lifestyle Photographs with Melissa Barrick Photography

The older I get, the more I cherish pictures of my littles.  But, also with Peter and I.  I once heard that as difficult as it is to be IN the pictures with your kids, DO IT.  Later in life, the kids will look at the pictures and say “why aren’t you in any of these Mom?!?!”

I know we will all still continue to get the posed, still family pictures.   We need them – photo galleries, Christmas cards, frames for our shelves.  BUT, if you are able to do a “lifestyle photography session” DO IT…don’t hesitate!!  Granted, we knew my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Melissa was there photographing, but THIS IS US.

We centered the session around making pancakes.  That is what Peter does with the girls specifically, on Sunday mornings.  I try to stand back and allow those three their special time.  Shay and I are usually doing something silly whether it’s playing with his cars or pushing trains on his “choo choo” table.

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

This little guy truly has my heart.  He is the SWEETEST little guy EVER and he just LOVES his Mama!!!

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

I never imagined I would be so excited about planes, trains and tractors.  We both get so excited to see a helicopter in the sky or a mail truck on the road.

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

And then there are these two little girls.  They are all girl and adore pink just like their Mama!!  And their personalities…so much fun!!  Because who doesn’t play air guitar with their whisk?!?!

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

Matti Jane is so into cooking and baking and Peter lets her get her hands wet.

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

These three have the best relationship.  The girls give Shay anything and everything he wants (can’t imagine where they learned that from ;-))

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

They truly laugh hysterically with one another and love having their playmates all the time.  Let’s not kid ourselves, I could tell you about some hair pulling and temper tantrums…but in general, they LOVE each other!

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

Matti Jane is so into reading these days and Chandler loves watching and learning.  Pretty much everything Matti Jane is doing, Chandler is doing it just a few short weeks later.

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

And then Chandler tries to teach Shay (is there a melting heart emoji?!?!)

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

Those toes and little feet!!!

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

My family…I won the lottery times a million

Melissa Barrick Lifestyle PhotographsMelissa Barrick Lifestyle Photographs

The session ended with “tubby time” and wet hair just like our days end.  Thank you Melissa for giving us these amazing memories we will cherish forever.  This is us…hair back, lazy day clothes and love seeping out of every single pore!!

Melissa also photographed our Christmas family pictures last October.  Her patience with the kids is incredible.   There may have been some candy bribery involved, but hey, it worked!!  She also let us (or me…hahaha) run with our “vision” but also gave ideas and pointers and truly completely our/my “vision”.

If you are in the Maryland, DC or Virginia area, don’t hesitate to use Melissa…she is AMAZING!!   Melissa Barrick Photography

Spring Transitional Utility Jacket

Perfect Spring Transitional Jacket

Spring Transitional Utility JacketSpring Transitional Utility JacketSpring Transitional Utility JacketSpring Transitional Utility JacketSpring Transitional Utility JacketSpring Transitional Utility Jacket

Did everyone have a great Easter???  We did…it was so nice.  We had an awesome Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday at my parents with my entire family (which is HUGE…I am 1 of 50some grandchildren…and we all have kids now!) and it truly felt like old times like at my Grandparents.  And yesterday, we woke up to golf sets for all three kids!!  The Easter Bunny did not disappoint.  Obviously tons of candy, but the pink golf clubs for Matti Jane and Chandler and red ones for Shay were a huge hit!!  Then we went to church and then dinner at my parents.  So, very very nice 🙂

This week is my oldest daughter’s Spring Break so we are heading to the mountains right now…but first a stop at a DRIVE THRU SAFARI!!!  How amazing does that sound?!?!  So, I will either be very quiet on Social Media or over-the-top posting…haha  Is anyone else like that…one extreme or the other?!?!

Back to fashion…

I will be the first to admit that I am a WIMP when it comes to being cold.  Flat out annoying, HATE it, will whine all night about it.  But thank goodness this cargo or utility jacket is in my closet and I don’t have to be Captain Annoying…haha.

This jacket is perfect because it can truly be dressed up or down.  I actually prefer it dressed up with heels because then the cinched waist seems to be accentuated.  It seems very casual chic to me!!  Do you agree??

// Drawstring Utility Jacket // Similar Jacket // Levi’s Distressed High Waisted Jeans // Stuart Weitzman Nudistsong Pumps // Similar Pumps // Target Aviator Sunglasses // Louis Vuitton Speedy Handbag // Similar Handbag ($48) //

Photography by Tom Turk

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