Here's the Skinny...Scarf

Here’s the Skinny……Scarf

October 5th…my husband’s birthday!!!  We get so excited to celebrate birthdays in this house, regardless of age (41, cough cough ;-)).  I am getting lots of fun stuff done today for a small but exciting dinner tonight.  A little hint, my husband is a bit of a food snob…

So, about this skinny scarf…  Hopefully you are following on Instagram, you saw me showcase my favorite skinny scarf here.

I love the skinny version of the scarf because it is a much more manageable accessory.  I LOVE regular scarves as much as every classy lady out there, but this one is so lightweight and just simpler.

I loved wearing it as a wristlet…how cute and fun and unexpected.

Here's the Skinny...ScarfHere's the Skinny...Scarf

(Above outfit details here)

But then, as this simple neck tie.  What a perfect addititon.

Here's the Skinny...ScarfHere's the Skinny...Scarf

I think the skinny scarf takes this outfit up just a notch…perfect for business casual on a Friday at work.

Here's the Skinny...Scarf

Yet this one is my favorite…in the hair.  I genuinely like both ways equally.  The bow is oh so feminine and classy, yet the simple knot is so easy casual chic.

View More:'s the Skinny...ScarfHere's the Skinny...ScarfHere's the Skinny...Scarf

What I love the most…this never ever goes out of style.  It’s easy, it’s affordable and it shows confidence in your accessory game.

Get your skinny scarf today from TCFashions.  Check out her entire store…other adorable patterns to choose from.  Simple, chic yet takes any outfit to the next level.

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Photography by Melissa Barrick

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