Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Shopbop SALE

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Hopefully by now, you know that Shopbop is one of my favorite online shopping sites.  I love the fact that it has a variety of brands and stays on top of trends.  When they have their SALES…I pay attention 🙂

Below are my picks and why.  Let me know your thoughts!!

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Saturday Morning Cardigan

Just the name of this cardigan screams comfort.  I love the pink color and the fact that it will take you straight through Winter.

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Tienna Cardigan

I have a very similar cardigan that I purchased from Gap last Fall and I wore it soooo much more than I ever imagined.  This color on this cardigan is such a great neutral, it truly went with everything and took me through Spring…see here.

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Vera Mock Neck Pullover

The color and the sleeves have me with this sweater.  And I am loving it paired with the maroon…how cute!!

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Randy Cowl Neck Sweater

Last year I purchased 2 off white sweaters and wore them to death!!!  A comfortable sweater and a sweater this color will be one of the most worn pieces you own!!

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

High Rise Distressed Skinny Jeans

Ok, if I haven’t convinced you to purchase these jeans yet, I need to give up my day job 😉  Seriously, my most worn jeans by FAR…AND, they are $88 and now ON SALE.

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Skinny Jeans

Every women needs a sophisticated pair of skinny jeans.  I love these because they are dark, but not too dark and have minimal distress making them fresh.

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Clio Ankle Booties

Oh my gosh…these are so darn cute!!!  They have such a short heel, they are truly generation-less.  Leopard is so on fire right now, these are the perfect pop of it.

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Rodney D’Orsay Flats

So simple yet so chic.  Can you imagine the amount of outfits these flats will go with?!?!

Shopbop SALE Fall 2017

Kennedy Scarf

For some reason, I stray from red as a blonde.  WHY?!?!?!  How gorgeous does this scarf look on her and red is obviously so flattering on brunettes.  This scarf is affordable and ON SALE.

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