Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

Saturday, September 23rd, was Matti Jane’s birthday.  She turned 7 years old.  She asked for one thing for her birthday…pierced ears.  But, before that exciting/scary/sobbing moment, we had soccer games.

Matti Jane had soccer pictures at 8 AM.  Matti Jane was up in plenty of time because it was her BIG DAY…needless to say, we are on time…early in fact 😉   I swear to goodness her smile is so much bigger…she was literally on Cloud 9 all day long.

Matti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVEN

I wanted to make each part of the day special so we gave her team birthday cookies after the game…pink soccer balls and the number 7 for all!!  (Of course the cookies were done by Kathryn’s Crafty Cakes)

Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

After Matti Jane’s game, she and I headed to Chandler’s game and then we headed home for a halftime break 😉  Next was the ear piercing…Matti Jane was so excited I cannot even articulate it accurately.  We were pulling out of the driveway and she says to Peter and I…”Mommy, I have a funny feeling in my tummy…what do you think that means?!?!” Sweet sweet girl…I told her it meant that she was both nervous and excited and I get the exact same feeling when I am getting ready to do something I am nervous about.  She just smiled and sat back.

Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

They are there…little teeny tiny gold balls.  They are there for the next 6 weeks.  Her birthday presents consisted of these special sterile earrings, a set of 3 from Stella & Dot’s little girl collection…red hearts, gold crowns and silver Eiffel Towers.  And, this t-shirt that spells 7 in gold glitter.  Etsy, of course 😉

From G&H Jewelers, we headed to Matti Jane’s favorite restaurant, Island Hideaway for a birthday celebration.  As always an amazing meal!!

Matti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVEN

I am sure Matti Jane’s highlight at dinner was receiving presents and blowing out her candles, but MY highlight was seeing my Mom and Bestie wearing pretty much the EXACT same outfit.  I was not letting this moment go without documentation…

Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

Sunday morning we took 3 of Matti Jane’s school besties to the American Girl Doll Bistro for lunch.  She was still in Birthday heaven.

Matti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENIMG_4081Matti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVENMatti Jane Turned SEVEN

How a boy gets a long at the American Girl Doll Bistro…dinosaurs!!!

Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

Can we say THRILLED?!?!?

4 thoughts on “Matti Jane Turned SEVEN

  1. Kathryn's Crafty Cakes says:

    OMG Tiffani!! What a special day for her!!! I’m filled with joy just looking at her pics and her smile!! HBD Matti Jane!! 🎉🎉🎉💕💕💕


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