My Top Fall Picks


I know, I know, this is not a Friday Favorite in Southern Maryland.  I am going to be completely transparent.  I am currently taking a break from the Friday Favorites of Southern Maryland series.  I don’t know what that means exactly…I may make it an exclusive Summer thing or I may decide to do it once a month.

What is so darn difficult is that I absolutely LOVE the Friday Favorites.  I take a lot of pride in showcasing local businesses…some because they are unique to where we live which is so cool and some because they are just showcase-worthy.   But the truth is, the Friday Favorites are very very time consuming.  And please take my word, it is not me being lazy, it is just because whichever business I am focused on is someone’s blood, sweat and tears and I want to do the BEST JOB possible.   So, I am going to take this adjusting-to-school-and-sports time and figure what works best for me and my family.  I truly hope I can make it work, because I really really enjoy it.

I would also LOVE to hear your thoughts on that series.

Now, on to today’s post.  Before this personal blogging journey began, I LOVED getting my favorite bloggers picks for the upcoming season.  It got me prepared and I felt ahead of the fashion game (a bit ;-))  Hopefully you feel the same way about my blog!!  Let me know your thoughts about individual pieces or season picks in general!!  I already picked out my 2 favorite pairs of jeans here so today I am focusing on the torso 🙂

Also, you guys, I am SO EXCITED for my sister’s bridal shower this weekend.   I would LOVE to give sneak peaks on Instastories and Facebook Stories but I have a feeling a little nosy rosey would probably see 😉


J.Crew Faux Fur PINK Vest

So, this was ordered.  How FUN yet practical as a top layer and unique with the pop of pink.


Blue Lace Top 

I truly cannot get enough of lace.  I will bring it into the Fall and Winter and this gorgeous blue number is how!!


Free People Laguna Thermal Top

Um, please don’t call me out because every single time you see me at the grocery store or in Starbucks (the old one or the NEW one in Target…eeeekkkk) I’ll be wearing this thermal top.  How ridiculously comfortable does it look!?!?


Free People Ottoman Slouchy Tunic

So, maybe it’s the color that has me, but I ADORE this for a casual look this Fall.  Loving this for pumpkin picking or even traveling when the whole family flies to Michigan for a Michigan football game in October 🙂


Free People Elderflower Sweater

Sometimes you see an item and just KNOW it is going to be your go to for every other event.  How cute will this be with jeans yet as chic with dressy pants like the model is wearing.  DONE!!


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