Chandler’s Mermaid Party

Chandler’s birthday was Sunday, September 3rd.  Chandler is a bit indecisive…about a lot.  All Summer long I asked her what she wanted to do for her 5th birthday, she just could not decide.  Finally, I made an executive decision.  Chandler and Matti Jane have been obsessed with mermaids for about a year now, but it has definitely been over the top all Summer long.  Mermaid party it was!!

But, first, was her actual birthday present.  She has had an American Girl Bitty Baby for a couple of years now but has been talking about a true size American Girl Doll for a bit.


Seeing her that excited makes me SO HAPPY!!!

Next up was her MERMAID Birthday Party!!  First some of the details –


Now to the fun stuff!!  Chandler truly had a BLAST and I think all of her friends did too!!  If you live locally, you know weather was certainly a concern as it was an outdoor pool party.  Saturday was absolutely miserable.  Thank goodness we had scheduled it for Sunday, her actual birthday!!  It turned out to be a perfectly gorgeous day!!


I did get the girls matching mermaid swimsuits for the mermaid party!!  How cute!!




Chandler (nor any of the little guests) had any idea a real life mermaid was going to show up!!  The human mermaid was amazing!!  Face painting, nail painting and tattoos galore.


Our favorite Mermaid also took time to pose with each guest (the boys decided to continue swimming ;-))


Next was time for cake and opening gifts.  Another one of Kathryn’s Crafty Cakes (and mermaid cake pops) was a huge hit.  So gorgeous and so delicious!!


Happy 5th Birthday to our sweet, caring, HILARIOUS, witty and spunky Chandler Catherine!!  There is a spark in her step and a gleam in her eyes…she is a special little girl.  I could not adore my favorite youngest daughter any more!!!

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