Rehoboth Beach Vacation

Oh, take me back, take me back.  We had such a great vacation just a short couple of weeks ago.  We usually do a week long beach vacation each Summer but this year, we added 4 days because Peter had to work in Avalon, NJ the weekend before we headed to Rehoboth.  It actually worked out perfectly.

Peter worked Friday and Saturday mornings and the kids and I explored the hotel and places nearby.  We had a little bit of fun while he was working 😉

The kids have as much fun being fancy as I do 🙂  Each evening we had a family friendly dinners.  Friday night, there was a crazy amount of rain that came very quickly while we were on our way to a colleague of Peter’s home.  Well, we were already half way there, so  no amount of rain or flooding was going to stop us…….

Rehoboth Beach VacationIMG_3678

Yep, that happened!!!!

On Sunday, we took a ferry from Cape May, NJ to Lewes, DE…it may have been the highlight of the 10 days for the kids.  If you have the opportunity to take the ferry, especially with kids, please do!!

Rehoboth Beach Vacation

They even had the biggest popsicles ever!!


Next was BEACH TIME in Rehoboth…our happy place!!Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach Vacation

We shared a house with my bestie Kelley and her family.  This is the 3rd year going with them and each year we have more fun!!  AND, another bestie, Carin, has permanently moved to Rehoboth and has opened a pilates studio.  We were able to take a couple of her classes including a FLOAT class.  So. Much. FUN.

Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach Vacation

Dewey, the neighboring beach puts on Smores on the Beach each week.  We did not miss out!!

Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationIMG_0695Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach Vacation

One thing I look forward to each year, regardless of what beach we are vacationing at is riding bikes as a family.  It is just so relaxing to me.  We did it a lot this year towards the end of the week.  We took the bikes to get ice cream one afternoon, the perfect way to end the day.

IMG_0740Rehoboth Beach Vacation

IMG_0728Rehoboth Beach Vacation

The following afternoon, we rode to FUNLAND.  We try and hit FUNLAND one afternoon each year.  More than that is usually too much for Peter and I 😉  But, the kids just have a blast!!


Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach VacationIMG_0790Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach Vacation

My gosh, each time I look at these pictures, I am reminded of how amazing the memories you make at moments like these, truly last a lifetime!!  Do you see those faces?!?!

We also had so much fun catching up with Carin and her family.  As much as I ADORE Carin, Matti Jane LOVES Carin’s daughter Emery just as much!!

IMG_0644IMG_0627Rehoboth Beach VacationIMG_0650

The final full day there we braved the paddle boards in the Atlantic Ocean.  Maybe a mistake, but one I can laugh at now.  It was pretty rough out there, but for some reason I found the courage to head out.  Notice I am laughing at myself as I am coming back in since I did fall in (whomp whomp whomp).

Rehoboth Beach Vacation

Dad of the Year as they were watching dolphins the whole time!!

Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach Vacation

Our last morning there, we grabbed yummy donuts for breakfast.  The kids were clearly in heaven!!

Rehoboth Beach VacationRehoboth Beach Vacation

Until next year, Rehoboth…

Rehoboth Beach Vacation



2 thoughts on “Rehoboth Beach Vacation

  1. Jamie says:

    Great pictures. The kids look like they had so much fun too. My favorite is Peter holding all the kids and walking through the water. #dadofyearaward I’m saving this post so we can add this to our list of places to go. Where did you bike? We love the Ferry. Haven’t taken Declan yet, but Colin and I have taken it (not on purpose, but it’s what happens when hubby puts address in GPS, lol). You ladies look great too. I’m going to try the paddle boarding, thanks to you!!!

  2. Carin says:

    There are so many things to love about this post! From the happy, smiling faces of adorable kiddos, to the fabulous fashion sense you have shared with all. However my favorite is the generations of friendship that are forming and memories that are being made! What an amazing week it was for all! Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!!! We are already talking about next year…. Maybe there will be an off-season trip to the beach to plan for summer 2018??

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