Friday Favorite - Potomac SUP & Fitness

Friday Favorite – Potomac SUP and Fitness

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Summertime in Southern Maryland basically means being on the water, all Summer long!!  Boats, jet skis, kayaks and now we have our own Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) company in Coltons Point at Coltons Point Marina (insert happy dance!!).  Potomac SUP & Fitness offers stand up paddleboard lessons and personal training on and off the water.  How so very cool!!!

Friday Favorite - Potomac SUP & Fitness

Jennifer Houck, the owner and instructor, offers stand up paddleboarding lessons, excursions, fitness classes and board rentals.  Jenn is a certified SUP instructor, certified personal trainer and a certified nutritional specialist.  She started this business because of her passion for fitness and the outdoors.  Paddleboarding is a great water recreational activity, but also a super fun, alternative way to workout and stay fit.  As a co-owner of Coltons Point Marina, this was a perfect blend of family, business and the opportunity to incorporate Jenn’s passion for fitness.  And, it is not just for adults, Jenn offers classes for kids as well.  A basic class list and description as well as class rates can be found here.  Jenn provides all of the boards.

The possibilities are endless for what Potomac SUP & Fitness has to offer.  Just a couple of examples – personal fitness like yoga on paddleboards, team building for work or with sports team, paddleboard race training, kids SUP camps for ages 8-13 (you can sign you child up for that through Parks and Rec).  If you have an idea, call Jenn, she gets excited hearing and implementing new and fun things to do on the paddleboards.  What a great date night activity or birthday or anniversary present for your significant other…75 minutes out on the board getting a core workout and experiencing the serenity of being on the water.  I have a nephew turning 10 in August who LOVES to be on the water…what a great birthday present idea for him!!

If you follow me on Facebook and Instagram, you know Peter and I purchased our own paddleboards this Winter.  I knew the BASICS about paddleboarding and when I say basics, I mean how to attempt to not fall in the water.  I contacted Jenn because I wanted to know what fundamentals Peter and I need to know to be safe on the boards but my next thought was that Potomac SUP & Fitness would be the perfect third edition to My Friday Favorites in Southern Maryland.  I truly want my audience to know we have this amazing service at our fingertips.

Jenn and I were heading out to do a short lesson in St. Patricks Creek.

Friday Favorite - Potomac SUP & Fitness

Before we even hit the water, she began explaining how to hold and use the paddle.  Tip #1, I was doing it wrong.  The paddle lesson was quick and informative, but I certainly need more practice on the board to make it become muscle memory.  (Notice Jenn’s top arm placement vs mine…she is the expert and has perfect form…I need practice).

Friday Favorite - Potomac SUP & Fitness

This is Jenn giving me instructions on turning around in the board (think ‘rainbow’…if you have taken a lesson from her, you will know what that means!)

Friday Favorite - Potomac SUP & Fitness

I finally got around to take the picture together 🙂

Friends, do this!!  And I say that with passion because it’s genuinely good for the soul.  It’s great being outside, Jenn is an AMAZING instructor…she truly wants you to HAVE FUN while you are learning.  It you just want to head out and RELAX yet want someone certified to be right behind you, do this!!   If you need to learn how to get on the board and start from the very beginning, do this!!  If you are advanced and need help prepping for a paddleboard race, do this!!

I had girlfriends in town last year for a 48 hour staycation and only WISHED I had thought to do this with them.  It is such a fun, unique activity we have in Southern Maryland that is literally in our backyards.

Contact Jenn to discuss lessons or any ideas you have 301-247-0977.  The excitement you hear when chatting with Jenn is contagious…she will have you love paddleboarding as much as she does.  Make sure to follow her on Facebook too to hear about the activities she has going on and to see great photos of her and her clients out on the water!!

Coltons Marina, where Potomac SUP and Fitness is located also offers a Boat Club.  It is a membership based boat club that provides the fun of boating without the hassles and headaches of boat ownership.  The Boat Club is a Time Share concept where you enjoy the boat yet do not have to deal with the headaches like insurance, a slip and maintenance.  Head to their website for pricing and a detailed description of the 4 boats they offer.

Have a great weekend friends!!  Again, please let me know if there are any other amazing Southern Maryland businesses you would love to hear about!!

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