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I buy A LOT of things from Etsy shops, most of y’all know that.  I have always loved the concept behind Etsy – unique, home or handmade and excellent customer service.  Then, a couple of years ago, I learned that we have a local Etsy shop owner here in Southern Maryland – TCFashions in California, MD.

Friday Favorites TCFashions

Erin House, owner of TCFashions, is so incredibly professional and WONDERFUL to work with (she has a perfect rating…5 stars from 359 customers…WHAAAATTTT?!?!).  You have seen me in one of her infinity scarves here and here, rocking her clutch here and here and now, I will always utilize her wet bags when I travel.

I have had the same two ThirtyOne travel bags for a couple years and one bit the bullet.

Friday Favorites TCFashions

I took at look at Erin’s Etsy Shop and fell in love with the Blue and Pink Floral fabric.  Her wet bags are lined for easy clean up and actually a bit bigger than my original bags…PERFECT!!

How adorable are the tags and rope tie??  You can tell Erin puts her personal touch on each of her items.  I also love that there is a handle on each bag…my plan is to hang the bags from hotel hooks for convenience.

I use one bag for hair brushes and products and the other one for face products and it works perfectly for travel.

But, make sure you check out her store…there are SO MANY awesome products – gorgeous camera straps, Mommy and Me Toiletry Bags (gahhhhhhh), Father and Son Dobb Kits, GREAT Summer patterns on clutches and of course amazingly functional wet bags like mine!!

Let me know your thoughts on My Friday Favorites in Southern Maryland series.  I have a couple businesses lined up but I’d love to hear what you would like me to feature 🙂



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