Friday Favorites Scarborough Farm

Friday Favorite – Scarborough Flower Farm

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Today I am beginning my Friday Favorites in Southern Maryland with one of my favorite places – Scarborough Flower Farm in Mechanicsville Maryland.  Kathy York, the owner has not only swept my heart away but also, my babies.  Their excitement to visit the “Flower Farm” truly makes me melt.

Friday Favorites Scarborough Farm

My story with Scarborough Flower Farm actually begins back in 2008 when Kathy did our rehearsal dinner flower arrangements.  Fast forward 9 years, we are reunited 🙂

The actual Farm in Mechanicsville is amazing.  There are beds of gorgeous flowers and greenhouses.  Every time you turn your head, there are more views to take your breath away.

Friday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough Farm

(Photos courtesy of MB Photography)

My recent re-introduction was last November for a Thanksgiving Centerpiece Workshop.  The workshops are held on property in her rustic barn.

Friday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough Farm

It was so much fun!!  Kathy taught a group of us to use foliage and food products (brussell sprouts, artichokes and cauliflower) to make our own and gorgeous centerpieces.

Friday Favorites Scarborough Farm

This past Spring, I was drawn back when I saw pictures of her peonies.  I did not hesitate to head over and get my own bundle right around Mother’s Day…how perfectly appropriate!!

Friday Favorites Scarborough Farm

I took the kids with me and that’s truly when the love affair began.  Kathy is so incredibly wonderful with children.  She asked each one what their favorite color is and walked us around her gorgeous gardens and filled their own containers with flowers for their nightstands.

I have never seen the kids get so giddy over flowers before.

Friday Favorites Scarborough FarmFriday Favorites Scarborough Farm

Kathy also offers a Flower Weekly Subscription.  I did not hesitate to sign up.  It is such an amazing deal, her flowers truly are stunning.  Certainly nothing you can purchase at the grocery store.  I also paid a teeny bit more because I want the kids to keep coming with me and be able to fill their vases for their nightstands.  It truly makes their day.



4 weeks = $160    8 weeks = $320    12 weeks = $480


4 weeks = $80    8 weeks = $160    12 weeks = $240


You can also call ahead (301-373-3852) and order arrangements if you are having an event.  I was having a party at the house and called Kathy a week in advance.  She asked what color scheme I wanted and what price range.  This is what I received and was in flower heaven!

Friday Favorites Scarborough Farm

Scarborough Farms has made a name for themselves in the wedding and event flower catering arena.  Their arrangements are unique, breathtaking and organic.  Kathy works one-on-one with brides to provide EXACTLY what they want.  Check out the gallery of gorgeous photos here.

If you have an opportunity to attend one of Kathy’s workshops, do not hesitate!!  Follow Scarborough Farm on Facebook for events.  They are so fun and you learn so much.  Kathy plans on having one in July and August…both Summer workshops will teach you how and when to cut flowers and how to arrange.  You can also call and work with Kathy on a custom workshop…truly, the potential ideas are endless.

You are welcome to “drop by”, but Kathy requests that you call the day before to make sure she has what you’re looking for. And, certainly, feel free to bring your little ones 🙂




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