LipSense Review

LipSense Review

LipSense Review

I know y’all have seen LipSense alllll over Facebook.  But, have you tried it??  I gave it a try for the first time about 6 months ago.  A girlfriend from the West Coast was selling it and I took the plunge.

I wanted what I referred to as a “red red” and an everyday color.  My girlfriend suggested one color for the everyday, I deferred to another and let’s just say I considered the everyday color a fail when Peter said I looked like a cadaver.  No lie…but he swears he doesn’t remember saying that.  Props to my friend for recommending a different shade and a total ding dong move for not taking her recommendation.  (The color is First Love and looks AMAZING on a lot of women, so don’t be discouraged on that color.  I actually use it sometimes to tone down my brighter pink!!)

My starter kit arrived and I began my love for LipSense

LipSense Review

A starter kit costs $55 and it includes a color, the lipgloss and the Ooops! Remover.  You truly cannot wear the lip color without the gloss…it makes all the difference and keeps your lips shiny and moisturized.

Each color costs $25 and the gloss costs $20.   I absolutely ADORE the Blu-Red…it’s bold and sassy and classy.

I decided to attempt another everyday color and landed on Dark Pink.

LipSense Review

This is what I was looking for!!

Lucky for me, I found out Peter’s cousin, Heidi, is selling LipSense too.  I told her I was looking for a brighter pink for my nights out with the hubby and the girls.  The older I get, the more confident I have become with wearing brighter and bolder lips.  Even 3 years ago, you would have never caught me wearing a bright red.  Now, LOVE it!!

Heidi and I decided on Party Pink.  It’s EXACTLY what I was looking for for nights out.

LipSense Review

Application and Removal – You are supposed to apply to dry lips and brush across once until it dries (30 seconds is recommended) and reapply for more color.  Once dry, apply the lip gloss.  To remove, you can use the Ooops! Remover.  I personally only use the Ooops! Removed for when I am applying and go above or below my lip line.  By the end of the night, I usually use a makeup removed pad and take it off.  Works great!!

My honest thoughts – I LOVE that it doesn’t transfer to a glass or anything else.  I didn’t believe it until I tried it.  I truly stays on all. day. long.  It lasts 4-18 hours.  You do have to reapply the gloss throughout the day…but don’t you have to do that with regular lip color??

I personally don’t care for the smell it has.  But, I am also sensitive to most smells anyway so it may not bother you.   My biggest challenge is taking the time to apply it and allow it to dry.  When I do put it on in the car, it’s a mess.  Take your time, it’s well worth it.

Have you tried it yet?? What are your thoughts??

You can receive free shipping if you contact Heidi!!  You can find her on Facebook or email her directly –  Also, I am just a consumer, not an expert on LipSense.  Any technical questions, please ask Heidi, she will be more than happy to help!!

Local friends – Feel free to reach out to Erin Roscoe…she will work with you too!!  I ordered the Dark Pink from her!!

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  1. Amy Howell says:

    I love lipsense! I have Bella and sassy z witj glossy gloss and matte gloss. I hate lipstick bc of the constant reapplying, which I cannot do without looking. I put this I at 630sm and it lasts until 4 or longer. It is awesome. Pinterest has a lot of great pics to see color combos and comparisons.

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