Perfect Strapless Bra

The Perfect Strapless Bra

I wear A LOT of OTS (off the shoulder) tops and recently I have been asked which strapless bra I use.  Funny story, I totally stole my Mom’s Le Mystere Strapless Bra a couple years ago and never gave it back.  I borrowed it once with all intentions of returning it but the support was that good, I conveniently “forget” about returning it…hehehe (insert angel emoji here!!)

My Mom had been telling me about her strapless bra for a while.  She kept referring to it as the “Oprah Bra”.  I am assuming Oprah raves about it that much, it gained that nickname.  It is so rave-able.  I truly never think about it once it is on and I don’t think I can say the same for ANY strapless bra I have worn before.

I checked online to see if it’s available and IT IS, just an updated version.  It comes with a bustier and has convertible straps.  JACKPOT!!

I will say, after reading the reviews, the only negative thing I saw that I will agree with is that it doesn’t do much ‘push up’.  I personally don’t mind that because I prefer no ‘push up’ but if you do like a bit, keep that in mind.

The price is $79 and worth every single penny.  To say you don’t have to worry about your strapless bra is unheard of.

Perfect Strapless Bra

Le Mystere Convertible Underwire Bustier   $79

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