Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

This is certainly a different post than I usually write on Tuesdays, but I decided to get personal.  Last Monday, I had what I am calling a mild meltdown.  I doubt that is what it was in any medical book, but it was serious for me.  Let me explain…

I am used to going, going, going.  I have been that way my entire life and honestly thrive on it.  But, with that going, there is always structure and organization.  I need structure and I think I have passed that on to my kids.

We are starting to hit that point in our lives where the true chaos begins.  Not what I thought was chaos – temper tantrums in Target or a poopy diaper as soon as it’s time to leave.  Now, we have 2 of the 3 kids in multiple sports…I can’t even imagine once Shay starts 🙁

Last Monday, both girls had dance.  Chandler at 345 and Matti Jane at 445…that is our normal Monday.  But, last Monday was costume distribution day and little siblings were encouraged to stay home since it gets a bit chaotic since the dancers are so excited to receive their costumes (totally understandable!).  I couldn’t find a sitter for Shay…so insert major stress as I am a rule follower and could not show up with Shay.  Finally, at the last minute, my cousin Brooke came through.   So, the girls and I head to dance but Matti Jane was heading to a soccer practice after dance.  That meant I needed to pack for soccer beforehand.  I did that earlier in the day and thought I had it covered.  Nope…forgot the cleats.  I texted a girlfriend and she brought an extra pair of cleats for Matti Jane, but MOMS, you get it, you still feel a nudge of #momfail.

From dance, Peter took Matti Jane to soccer.  They had a little picnic on the sideline of the soccer field for dinner.  Chandler and I on the other hand ran through the drive thru at McDonalds (those that know me know I wasn’t complaining!!) but it obviously wasn’t our normal dinner routine.  The whole dinner is something else I am still trying to nail…making dinner ahead of time for when we get home or having it ready before we leave.

I had to meet my cousin to grab Shay and then headed with Chandler and Shay to a golf tournament meeting that started at 6.  We didn’t arrive until 615 and I HATE BEING LATE.  This was the last meeting before the tournament so we didn’t get home till after 8.  You guys, my kids usually get to bed between 7 -730.

That night once the kids were finally down, I had that pressure on your chest feeling.  I realize that is our new normal but it’s still an adjustment I am trying to get used to.  I hate that Peter and I have to divide and conquer as we are used to doing everything as a family.  And, my house is being affected…like a bomb went off kind of affected.

So, I came to a realization.  As I said, I know this is our new normal but there are steps I can take to reduce the stress I felt last Monday night.  A couple of thoughts that came to mind were “do I need to quit the gym and spend that time at home” or “do I need to take a break from the blog??  While I LOVE it, it is very time consuming”.  I said both of these things out loud to Peter and he said NO to both.  So, I decided I need to take on small projects I have been putting off to organize my house and car.

That evening, I purchased a car diffuser that I can put lavender oil in.  I need that de-stressing scent in my car.  I also purchased a sound track for my phone that was $7.99 that is supposed to relax and de-stress you.  I know these are small steps, but I am hoping they will help.  I spend a lot of time in my car so hopefully the lavender will kick in there and I do a lot of work in the evenings so having the soundtrack playing while I am working should help be calm down a bit.

The next step was organization.  I mentioned above that my house is being affected and if I can conquer small projects around the house to help organize, that will relieve a lot of stress.

So, my first organizational project wasn’t in the house, but was my car console.  It was a mess!!

Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

Makeup, batteries, sunglass cases, wipes, kleenex, books, feminine products, DVDs…and other random stuff…

I have been meaning to tackle it but that thing called life just keeps me soooooo busy.  But, I had recently been inspired because of a return of a $12.99 shirt at Marshall’s of all things.  I was in there and happened to pass the makeup bag aisle and a lightbulb came on.  I exchanged my shirt for 3 makeup bags that were going to solve the messy problem in my car.

Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

Super affordable and so appropriate for my line of work 😉

I got to work .  The almost silly thing was it literally took me less than 10 minutes.  Why didn’t I do this before?!?!

Sunglasses cases in one case

Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

Wipes and kleenexes in a small travel diaper bag.  Batteries, chargers and “electronic stuff” in another bag and mints and stuff like that in the third makeup bag.

Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

I feel better.  10 minutes helped take a bit of stress away but also got me motivated to start on the other projects!!  Today, I am going to get a bin of boys clothes out of our office.  I had organized it a couple weeks ago, but then it has sat….and is still sitting.

So, tell me, am I the only one is this boat?!?!  I doubt it as I have chatted to a couple of girlfriends last week and I don’t think I am.  But, tell me PLEASE, what are some of your strategies to stay sane is this hectic world we live in!!

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4 thoughts on “Schedules, Anxiety and Organization

  1. Jill says:

    I totally feel you. My husband works nights and I work days so it’s my job to take care of dinner and after school activities during the day and with a 3 year old it isn’t always easy or convenient. I used to love going to the gym but like you I have mom guilt for going. “This is time I could be spending with the kids” or “I should be doing this instead”. We need stuff that’s just ours too. But for help with being organized my tip is to embrace the crock pot meal. That way dinner is out of your mind and clean up is easy. I also make an occasional McDonalds trip but try not to do it more than once a week. 😉 PS don’t stop blogging!!!! ❤️

  2. babygblessings says:

    Hey Tiffani, this is your old pal Michae :). First, I agree with Jill who commented above, please don’t stop the blog! I read it at least once per week and it is a part of my de-stress ritual. Thanks for being brutally honest here about your schedule and juggling act. Moms do a lot and we don’t give ourselves enough credit! I like the car organization tips, great ideas! My home looks like a bomb went off at all times so I’m actually taking a few days off work to get it organized, purge, and donate unused items. Please feel free to share any home organization tips you have with us as well – from one Mom to another- it is soooo appreciated!! Xo, miss ya!

    • tiffaniatbretonbay says:

      Hi gorgeous!! Thank you so much for commenting :-)))). I read it immediately but then was distracted before I cld respond. Thank you for the kind and honest words. Each day is a struggle between attempting to stay organized and clutter-free (will never completely accomplish that) and being a good and active mom and wife. I haven’t given up the blog (obviously;-)) or the gym and I’m learning to attempt to tackle one SMALL project a day. I think the biggest thing is, I don’t beat myself up as much as I was and that’s a huge accomplishment 🙌🏻 I have also decided to do more home and lifestyle posts with the blog, so I’m hoping my coping mechanisms will help others…bc like you said, we are ALL in this same boat of trying to accomplish it all as MOMS

      Love and miss you!!


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