Floral Dresses Under $100

Floral Dresses for Under $100

Floral Dresses Under $100

Florals are having a major moment right now.  As a girlfriend said “like grandma’s wallpaper” and I just LOVE that!!  Not that I love traditional ‘grandma’s wallpapers’ but that’s kind of exactly right.  Look at the prints on the 4 dresses I choose, you could totally see them as a wallpaper print for a very chic grandma!!

Ok, enough about wallpaper…haha.  Each of these dresses are so on point for today’s trends.  Florals are the opposite of dated right now and with Mother’s Day right around the corner, nows the time to grab them!!  AND, not only are they under $100, they are under $70.

Floral Dresses Under $100

// 1. ASOS Cold Shoulder Textured Bow Floral Midi Dress ($60)  //

This dress not only incorporates the floral trend, it also does the cold shoulder trend.  Such a flattering silhouette and the midi length is ideal for so many events.

Floral Dresses Under $100


// 2. Billabong Linger Here Off the Shoulder Maxi Dress ($64.95) //

This dress says COMFORT to me.  It’s feminine and soft and gorgeous.  It would look so chic with a denim jacket for cool Spring evenings and your cutest sandals.

Floral Dresses Under $100

// 3. ASOS Curvy Assemetric Tea Dress in Floral Print ($67) //

There is so much I ADORE about this dress.  The colors are so pretty and the draping and ruffles just take it to the next level.  This dress is simply stunning

Floral Dresses Under $100

// 4. Rahi Cali Malibu Escape Dress ($58) //

This dress is for the less girly girl.  It’s still on trend with the florals, high/low hemline and off the shoulder details, but the darker background allows the dress to not scream “I need pink in my life”…hahaha

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