Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

Easter Ready – Kids Version

A continuation from Monday’s post…this time it’s the kids’ turn.  It’s raining tulips and seersucker vests 🙂  These 3…I can’t even put into words the amount of love in my heart when I just look at them!!  Back to Easter outfits (I digress…) I fell in love with these tulip dresses (40% off with code TODAYONLY) as soon as I saw them.  Not only are they perfect for Easter, but truly any dressy event in the Spring and Summer.  And Shay’s vest (50% OFF!!)…when does seersucker ever go out of style?!?  NEVER

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids VersionEaster Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

Shay is rocking his Old Navy pants (ON SALE) from this Instagram post last week.  I love how they can be dressed up or dressed now.

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

Anyone notice a little hole at the bottom of Matti Jane’s smile!?!?  She lost her first tooth last week!!!  Talk about major excitement at our household…and, her TEACHER pulled it out at school!!

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids VersionEaster Outfits 2017 - Kids VersionEaster Outfits 2017 - Kids VersionEaster Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

Yep, that’s what white chocolate bunnies do to me too!!

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

How adorable is the teeny caterpillar on Matti Jane’s chest…it’s part of the dress!!

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

These 3 have the best relationship!!  Matti Jane and Shay are playing a looking game…haha.

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids VersionEaster Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

My little mini-me (heart eye emoji!!)

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

The staff at Heritage Chocolates allowed us to head in the back and see how it all worked.  It was very very cool!!

Another shout out to Heritage Chocolate’s in downtown Leonardtown for allowing me and my favorite rowdy crew to come last Friday.  It truly is the cutest shop and has an amazing variety of delicious chocolates to choose from.  They also make their own gelato which is DELICIOUS!  If you are in Southern Maryland this Saturday, April 8th, stop by the shop for their annual Peep Decorating Event.  We went last year and the kids had a BLAST.  Even if you aren’t in our little awesome corner of the world, check out their site and order online.

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

Matti Jane found her peep!!  Chandler always takes a bit to decide!!

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

My heart in one picture!!

Easter Outfits 2017 - Kids Version

This guy!!  My favorite son!!

// Matti Jane and Chandler’s Dresses (40% off with code TODAYONLY) // Matti Jane and Chandler’s Shoes // Matti Jane and Chandler’s Pink Bows //

// Shay’s Seersucker Vest (50% off) // Seersucker Suit Set (Vest, Pants and Shirt) $42 // Shay’s White Shirt ($16.99) // Shay’s Pants ($13) // Shay’s Shoes //

// Peter’s Blazer // Peter’s Shirt (40% off with code TODAYONLY) // Peter’s Pants (Peter is obsessed with these AG pants…for work, casual and dressy.  He says they are SUPER COMFY!!) //

// My ASOS Embellished T-Shirt ($53) // My Chicwish Tulle Maxi Skirt (ON SALE) // My Valentino Rockstud Pumps //

Photography by Tom Turk

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35 thoughts on “Easter Ready – Kids Version

  1. Janis Rien says:

    Tiffani, Another amazing post! Your family is just so gorgeous and makes me smile. I like your comment about your “favorite son”. Since I have four sons, I say, “My favorite first born, my favorite second born, my favorite third born and, then, my favorite last born.” The love and joy you feel in your heart just spills over in your beautiful family photos and precious comments!

    • tiffaniatbretonbay says:

      Thank you SO MUCH for such kind words Janis!! And I LOVE that you picked up on that line…I love that I can say that about him…hehe. To the girls, I have to say “my favorite Matti Jane” and “my favorite Chandler Catherine” and that get very excited 🙂


  2. Betsy C. says:

    Awe those kiddos are adorable!! and what… Gelato? Kylie won some heritage chocolate gift certs. and is gonna have to treat me to some 🙂

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