Girls Staycation Weekend

Girls Staycation Weekend and Cher

The weekend before last, my DC girlfriends and I had planned a staycation at the Gaylord in National Harbor and all of this was based around the Cher concert on that Sunday night.  Each year, we try and get away…Key Biscayne, FL and Rehoboth, DE are a couple destinations we have visited together…but with kids and school and sports schedules getting busier with each year, staying local seemed like the best idea.  We knew though, that if we stayed at our individual homes, it just wouldn’t have been the same as it’s so much harder to leave the kids and hubbies.

Cher was performing at the MGM but the hotel rates were astronomical and they weren’t willing to budge (they were holding the Cher card in their pockets :-)).  So, we stayed at the Gaylord which worked as it was convenient to restaurants at the National Harbor and a 4 minute Uber ride to the MGM.

In each group of girlfriends, there is an organizer.  Ours is Melanie.  What would we do without her?!?!  3 of us were texting a couple days before about the schedule for once we arrived and all of us had the same answer “I am not sure, I’ll just do and go where Mel says to”  Melanie purchased the concert tickets, made the dinner reservation and set up GlamSquad (hair and makeup).  And for proper call outs, Carin set up the massages!!

I arrived first (clearly so excited) and Kelley, Tonya and Carly arrived shortly after me.  We were teenage girls so ridiculously giddy…it melts my heart each time I think of our excitement seeing one another.  We headed up to the rooms, got in comfy clothes and once the other gals arrived, headed to the Spa at the Gaylord.  Massages were AMAZING.

Immediately following those, GlamSquad met us in our rooms and we each got our individual services down.  I had only chosen hair, but boy did I regret not getting my makeup done…the makeup artist was PHE.NOM.INAL.  Next time 😉

Girls Staycation Weekend

I wore a sequin mini dress from ASOS because we were heading to CHER and I obviously wanted Cher to see me in the theatre 🙂

Girls Staycation Weekend

// ASOS Sequin Mini Dress // Stuart Weitzman Heels // YSL Clutch //

Next, we headed to Grace’s Mandarin for dinner.  At this point we were running a bit late (the concert was next) so we didn’t get to enjoy dinner as much as we have liked because everything everyone ordered was AMAZING!!  If you are ever in National Harbor and wanting Asian…you won’t be disappointed.

Girls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation Weekend

You guys, CHER.  The concert was all it’s cracked up to be.  She’s 70 years old!!  I am going to repeat that.  She is 70 years old!!  She performed incredibly as did her dancers…it was quite the performance.  Born in 1978, I worried that I would only know 2 or 3 songs…boy was I pleasantly surprised…I knew way more than I thought!!  We were on our feet most of the concert.

Girls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation Weekend

A great time was had afterward…dancing and catching up till the wee hours of the night.  We don’t get this time together very often, so we literally take advantage of every single second.

Girls Staycation Weekend

We ran into “Cher” after the concert and she requested a picture with US?!?!

Girls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation Weekend

Girls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation Weekend

The next day, we were able to take advantage of the Spa Services like the sauna, whirl pool and lounge from yesterday’s services.  Kelley, my bestie that so many of my readers know so well too, brought a moisturizing mask (clearly she knew our skin would need it after the night out :-))

Girls Staycation Weekend

Followed by lunch, a bit of shopping

Girls Staycation Weekend

and dinner at FISH at MGM

Girls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation WeekendGirls Staycation Weekend

// Sea Duchess Sleeve Top // Levi Jeans // Stuart Weitzman Heels // YSL Clutch //

As much as I LOVED my time with my girlfriends, I was up and out of the hotel by 7 AM the next morning to get home to see my babies!!!

Ladies, if you have the opportunity to take time for you and your girlfriends, please don’t hesitate!!  My mom and I talk about this often.  She didn’t do it when we were kids and is trying to make the time now to do it.  I don’t think she regrets making her life solely about her family, but she agrees some “her” time would have been GREAT!!

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