Spring Wreath 2017

Spring Wreathes

Spring Wreath 2017

Oh my gosh you guys, this week’s weather has me YEARNING for Spring more than ever!!  The literal freezing temperatures and the crazy wind just makes me want to turn on the fireplace and drink Hot Chocolate (with a shot of Bailey’s obviously ;-)) all day long.  So, I am motivating myself to get out of the cold weather funk and one way are these Spring Wreaths.

I adore a big colorful wreath on my front door to make me smile each time I see it.  It sends the message that we are waiting with open arms for Spring to come prancing up our doorstep.

Here are a couple I have picked out.  I am personally more of a blue vs yellow person, so I LOVE the hydrangea wreath and also adore the dried lavender wreath.  BUT, the little hippie in me (feel free to laugh at that comment) just LOVES the cotton wreath.  It is so organic and fresh.

I also use a wreath hanger from Amazon to hold my wreaths.  I do not want to put a nail in our door.  I used to think a wreath hanger would be obtrusive and take away from the wreath, but I truly never see it…only the wreath.


Spring Wreath 2017

Hydrangea Wreath – $79.99

Spring Wreath 2017

Forsythia Wreath – $47.99

Spring Wreath

Citrus Style Wreath – $65.84

Pottery Barn

Spring Wreath 2017

Faux Fern & Dogwood Wreath – $99

Spring Wreath 2017

Live Willow & Hydrangea Wreath $69

Spring Wreath 2017

Dried Lavender Wreath – $79

Spring Wreath 2017

Faux Magnolia & Pussywillow Wreath – ON SALE for $74.99

Home Decorators

Spring Wreath 2017

Cotton Wreath – $69

Spring Wreath 2017

Boxwood Wreath – $119

Which one is your favorite??  Do you prefer colorful or more neutral wreaths??

Other details –

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    • tiffaniatbretonbay says:

      I have had them for probably 4-5 years abs originally had them inside in front of my fireplace but LOVE them outside!! My front porch is covered so they don’t get too wet. There is some rust as they’ve been outside for a little over a year now…but I appreciate the patina 😉


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