Aventura's Athleisure Wear

Workout Wednesday with Aventura

Happy Hump Day friends!!  Aventura is a brand I featured here with this super comfortable dress.  Today I am showcasing their athleisure wear.

Aventura makes clothing for the active women that wants to move from her morning gym class straight to the grocery store or coffee with friends.  Ummmm, that has my name and A LOT of my friends’ name all over it!!

Aventura's Athleisure Wear

First and foremost, this outfit is comfortable.  I have enough coverage that I would not feel nervous or insecure walking into a store or running through town.

Aventura's Athleisure Wear

The skort has pockets….ahhhhhh.  That detail to me is so nice!!

Aventura's Athleisure Wear

I workout 3-4 times a week and now that I am closing in on 40, I am starting to feel things I didn’t 10 years ago.  My wonderful husband has a particular phrase he uses often with patients “what does a dog do every single morning when it wakes up??  It stretches…because it needs to.  And so do our human bodies, they need to stretch each and every morning and after all workouts.”  As “annoying” as I thought this tidbit of info was, he is right.  Ugh…I hate when that happens 😉  I had some major lower back pain after carrying babies in carseats and putting them in and getting them out of cribs.  So, now, each and every morning (you have my word), I stretch before I get out of bed.  It honestly takes less than 45 seconds but ever since I started, no more lower back pain.  Maybe he does know a thing or two 😉

Aventura's Athleisure Wear

How adorable is the back of this top?!?!  And, you can wear a regular sports bra with it and it doesn’t interfere with the fun detail and cutout.

Aventura's Athleisure WearAventura's Athleisure Wear

And, the skirt is named skort for a reason…they have the shorts underneath with that bit of elastic that keeps the shorts stay put.  So, wearing a skirt will not have you paranoid!!

// Aventura Avis Elbow Sleeve Top // Aventura Kineta Skort // Nike Shoes  (Under $50!!) // Target Rosegold Aviator Sunglasses ($16.99) //

Photography by Tom Turk

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36 thoughts on “Workout Wednesday with Aventura

    • tiffaniatbretonbay says:

      You’re welcome. Obviously, there are days here and there when I get out of bed w/out doing it and it never fails, by the end of the day, I feel a tweak here and there in my lower back. UGH!


  1. kaitlindcuevas says:

    Such a cute outfit! My favorite is definitely your top! I’m totally into the athletic wear style right now!

    – Kaitlin

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