Deep Creek Lake 2017

Our Non-Ski Ski Weekend

We go on an annual ski trip to Wisp Resort at Deep Creek Lake in Northern Maryland with our great friends the Magees.  There were certain members of both families that were in a bit of depression the week before due to the warm weather.  But we made the best of it!!  And had the best Non-Ski Ski Weekend ever!! Instead of skiing, there was roller coaster riding, ice skating, ATV riding, hot tubbing, putt putt golfing bowling and wine and cheese pairing.  Pretty solid weekend, huh!!

We went a day earlier this year because in the years past, we always felt too rushed.  This year, it was perfect.  Both families had babes that were a bit under the weather, so having mornings we didn’t have to rush around was just what the doctor ordered!!

So, on Thursday afternoon, when we headed to the mountain roller coaster, this is how we handled it

Deep Creek Lake 2017

Classy, right!!  When you are using the kids medicine cups for shot glasses, you know you’re making the best of a bad situation.

Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017

Then we headed to the bottom of the mountain and did some ice skating.  It was actually the first time ice skating for me and all of my kids.  Peter was the only vet in our family and he was helpful with the kids all evening.  We ended it around the bonfire.

Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017

On Friday, we chilled in the AM again…can’t even tell you how enjoyable that way!!  Then we did a quick round of putt putt golfing since it was 70 degrees outside and then headed to Western Trails to do ATV Riding.  This is my second favorite part of the trip!!  First favorite with the kids 😉

Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017

This picture of those two golfing just melts my heart!!

Deep Creek Lake 2017

Oh my gosh…poor Shay…he HATED the helmet.  It was just heavy 😦  But, he was a happy little camper shortly though…he LOVED riding in the ATVs!!

Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017

Chandler decided it was a little too boring for her (as we weren’t going very fast) so she kept pulling her helmet down and I think sleeping…hahaha

Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017

Mike and Liam had to stop mid ride to wipe off their windshield from all the mud!

Deep Creek Lake 2017

We headed home and the kids hopped into the hot tub immediately.  I wasn’t too long behind them!!

Deep Creek Lake 2017

We made a great steak and potatoes dinner at the house that night.  We drank wine and played board games once the kids went down.

Deep Creek Lake 2017

Saturday was rainy…all day long.  We had planned on this because of the forecast but there really weren’t many options.  The local movie theatre didn’t play matinees so we found a BOWLING ALLEY!!  It was fun and it passed the time!!

Deep Creek Lake 2017

Now, knowing that we weren’t going skiing all weekend, the Saturday afternoon activity was what I was looking forward to all weekend (my first favorite)!!  Nicole and I did some research on local wineries and found a creamery that does wine and cheese pairings.  Eeeeekkkkk…I was so excited.  I called a week in advance and choose the 4 cheese and 4 wine pairing for the 4 of us.  I am not going to show all the pictures in this post because, it was honestly so much fun, I am going to give it it’s own post next Tuesday!!  Here are a couple shots though

Deep Creek Lake 2017

Nicole says I am saying “Cheese” here because of all of the cheese behind me 😉

Deep Creek Lake 2017Deep Creek Lake 2017

And FINALLY on our last night, we got a teeny tiny bit of snow.  Lilly, Liam and Matti Jane were so excited!!

Deep Creek Lake 2017

So, there you have it!!  If anyone is interested in particular details about our trip because you are heading up North yourself, let me know and I will fill you in!!

2 thoughts on “Our Non-Ski Ski Weekend

  1. Kevin says:

    Looks like an awesome time! I’m from the Seattle area so I was happy to stumble upon your post and see what your area has to offer. The cheese and wine pairing at the creamy (or was it a winery too?) sounds fabulous! Great blog post! Thanks for sharing your family’s adventure.


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