5 Party Planning Tips

5 Party Planning Tips

I absolutely LOVE planning parties!!  It doesn’t matter what kind of party…a 1 year old farm-themed birthday party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, wine tasting party…you name it!!

There are five things that I think each party needs and details that make your party stand out –

  1. Invitations
  2. Flowers
  3. Cookies
  4. Balloons
  5. Food


I showed you the invitations I made for my sister’s engagement party last Friday, but here is my all-time favorite that I made

5 Party Planning Tips

I made this for a Wine Tasting Party Peter and I hosted at our house a couple of years in a row always on Valentine’s Day.  I do believe that this sets the tone and formality of the party…most importantly for guests planning purposes.  (Don’t get me wrong, Evite and Paperless Post still used sometimes)


Flowers are a natural element of beauty.  I will say, these does tend to be the most expensive decoration but more often than not, I usually buy them from the grocery store and arrange them myself.  That’s the easiest way to say money.

Gorgeous arrangements are perfect as centerpieces but also in smaller groups, like 2-3 stems that sit beside the favors or throughout your food table.


I tend to do cookies as the favor at all of my parties.  One thing I have noticed over the years, when you give an ‘object’ as a favor (i.e. a cow bell for a farm themed party) things that are edible tend to be more favorable.  I personally eat any edible favor on my way home from a party.  Clearly Shay enjoyed his cookie!!


I think balloons are an inexpensive way to add decorations to a party.  If it’s a birthday party, I usually get the 40 inch number balloons because those are just FUN and then add regular sized balloons throughout, whether it’s at the birthday persons chair or used as centerpieces with them balloon string reaching about guests head height so they don’t interfere with conversation.


Whether it’s heavy hors d’ oeuvres or a full meal, people love to eat!!  (I know I do!)  So, I don’t think it matters whether it’s catered or you slaved in your kitchen making everything, just make sure you have enough!!  Especially if you are serving alcohol as well!!

The picture on the left is called the Crab Tower from The Lighthouse Restaurant in Solomon’s, MD.  It was AMAZING!!  I had it as an appetizer but could have had a second one as my dinner and would have been perfectly content.  The bottom layer is avocado, then a mango salsa and then a heavy dose of crab meat.

Let me know your thoughts on this post and whether you want more in regards to party planning!

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  1. Janis Rien says:

    Tiffani, Another amazing post! You are so very talented and creative and make parties so much fun for your guests. I love your ideas and suggestions for bringing themed events together. Happy Belated 60th Birthday to your awesome mom Patti! Beautiful cake!

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