Style Mafia Locka Top

Striped Balloon Cuffs

Style Mafia Locka TopStyle Mafia Locka TopStyle Mafia Locka Top

Style Mafia Locka Top

I purchased this top because the cuffs are just SO FUN!!  It’s a basic t-shirt with the addition of those balloon style cuffs, making it a bit more exciting than the basic white tee.  Once I put it on, I realized how comfortable…softer and thicker than the average basic white tee.

Peter and I leave for Vegas on Thursday…he will be working, I will not…hahaha.  Once I put this shirt on, I knew then it is what I will be traveling in on Thursday.  I have a feeling my travel outfit on the way home will be more like pajamas…#keepingitreal  Did I mention, I am seeing Britney B&T#H on Friday night.  I am embarrassingly excited!!!

I am wearing it casually here, but pair it with high-waisted black slacks, and it’s perfect for work as well!!  It’s honestly thicker than a t-shirt, making it perfectly appropriate and fashion forward even in the most conservative offices.

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Photography by Tom Turk

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