Whats to come in 2017

What Inspires YOU

Wow, what an almost year it has been!!  Can y’all believe I hit my one year anniversary in a short couple of weeks?!?!  I certainly cannot!!  It’s been an amazing year, but today, I want to focus on the upcoming year.  I want to hear from YOU!!  I mean that, I would love to hear what you love seeing and reading from me.

As my readership continues to grow, I want to take this upcoming year and focus in on what you are looking for from me, Tiffani at Breton Bay.   What inspires you about my blog?  Is it my bargain pieces, is it my investment pieces?  Have you used any of my party planning ideas and is this the content you’re looking for?  Do you want to hear my ideas for the kids’ Valentine’s or ideas for their Halloween costumes?  Did you enjoy the sales posts or was it the home interior posts, like Wallpaper Wednesday or the kids’ rooms that put a smile on your face.  Do you enjoy the variety or strictly fashion?

Whats to come in 2017

I am honestly praying I get 100 or 200 or 500 responses.  I will read each and every one and respond to every single one!!  The only way for me to grow is to hear from you.  I feel fortunate to be able to do this everyday and I hope I have an impact in some way on each of your lives.

Thank you for inspiring me to continue on this amazing learning experience in the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging.

Whats to come in 2017

9 thoughts on “What Inspires YOU

  1. ruthieridley says:

    I personally love ALL that you do!! Since my weakness is truly home decor, interior design and party planning type things, I welcome more of those types of posts!! Love your blog and I cant believe you have only been at it for one year!!!


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