My Christmas List 2016

What I Want for Christmas Gift Guide


My Christmas List 2016

I LOVE buying for others…really really like it!!  But there is one person who buys for me and I have to admit, I keep my standards high…sorry babe 😉  Here is what is on my list this year!!

My Christmas List 2016

Sorel “everyday” Boots

I am OBSESSED with my Sorels for the snow, so much so that I need an everyday pair.  These will do just fine…thank you very much 🙂

My Christmas List 2016

Mark & Graham iPhone Charging Bracelet

Brilliant…just brilliant!!

My Christmas List 2016

Mark & Graham Park Avenue Handbag

Just stunningly gorgeous.  Obsessed with the navy 🙂

My Christmas List 2016

BaubleBar Seaglass Bib

Thing ahead to tan skin and white dresses…GORGEOUS

My Christmas List 2016

Tuckernuck Tortoise Rectangle Clutch

Just pretty much obsessed!!

My Christmas List 2016

BaubleBar Grey Ombre Crispin Drops

I just ADORE my pink ones and love how neutral these are!!

My Christmas List 2016

Style Mafia One Shoulder Ruffle Top

I have this in Red and love it that much, I need it in White!!

My Christmas List 2016

Essential Oil Diffuser and Oils

This may seem out of the ordinary for me, but these days I am looking for ways to RELAX and most times, yoga isn’t an option…time-wise.  I plan on using Lavender and Eucalyptus in 🙂

My Christmas List 2016

Shower Bluetooth Speaker (Waterproof…obvi ;-))

This goes along with my relaxing goal.  I have to shower, so I may as well play spa or relaxing music while doing so!!

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