BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

BFF/Sister Gift Guide

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

EEEEEKKKK, it’s that time of the year!!!  I LOVE buying gifts for others…I get so excited to get them a gift that they will truly LOVE!!  When it comes to my closest girlfriends and my sister and sister-in-law, I have one major rule of thumb…if I love it, chances are, they’ll like it too.  So, I hope you enjoy the list below and find some inspiration.  Also, START early…you will save STRESS and MONEY!!  Everything below is under $100!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

GAP Ribbed Collarless Cardigan – 50% off TODAY!!!

This cardigan just screams COMFY!!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

YSL Lipgloss Trio

For the beauty lover…gorgeous colors and they’re just pretty alone!!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

‘Heritage’ Plaid Infinity Scarf

the PERFECT teacher gift…I have already ordered these!!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

Tonal Striped Foldover Clutch

A clutch that will go with everything and will never go out of style!!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

Diptyque Mini Candle Set

If you haven’t tried these candles, they’re heaven in a jar!!  Try and the mini set to find the scent you love best.

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

Diptyque Candle

Again, heaven in a jar!!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

J.Crew Cape-Scarf in Oversized Plaid

This is a piece of clothing that will never go out of style and an extra layer of warmth is always a good thing!!

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

J.Crew Bright Pink Faux Fur Stole

How cute to add a pop of PINK and PERFECTION to your holiday outfit?!?!?

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

Valentino Coffee Table Book

I truly believe coffee table books are one of the best gifts.  They are gorgeous, decorative AND functional.

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book

BFF/Sister Gift Guide 2016

Vogue Living – Homes Gardens Places Coffee Table Book

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3 thoughts on “BFF/Sister Gift Guide

  1. ruthieridley says:

    This could not be more perfect for your BFF or Sister!!! I am in love with every single pick!! I will take it all! LOL Great gift guide! XO


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