Have Fun and Be YOU

Be YOU and Have Fun (with fashion)

I love fashion (obviously) but I also like to have fun with it.

A funny story that inspired this post…I keep very good care of my clothes.  Everything has a home and it always goes there…until it doesn’t ;-/  I had a denim jacket from J.Crew that I ADORED.  It had a small pink monogram on the cuff…small but oh so cute.  I have NO CLUE where this coat has disappeared to?!?!  How does that happen???  If you are reading this and I happened to lend it to you and don’t recall, please return it to it’s sad sad owner.

In the meantime, everyone needs a jean jacket though, right?!?!  So, while at the J.Crew Factory outlet a couple weeks ago, I grabbed another one.  But, I was bummed it didn’t have the little monogram on the cuff.  Fortunately though, I have a friend that owns her own embroidery business (Busy Bees Embroidery) locally.  I sent her a message asking if she could duplicate the monogram and she said “of course”.  But I wasn’t done there…hehehe.

I wear popped collars a lot…like A LOT.  I think they’re fun, preppy and add a nice frame around the face.  That being said, you’re kind of “nerd” for doing that, right?!?! But, I feel like it’s ok if you call yourself out.  Then, people can only laugh light heartedly at you, not maliciously.  At least, that’s what I have convinced myself 😉  So, there you have it…I asked my friend to embroider NERD across the outside of the collar on my new jean jacket.

I like to have fun and embrace the light side of fashion.  Happy Friday and I hope everyone has a great weekend!!

Have Fun and Be YOUHave Fun and Be YOUHave Fun and Be YOU

A happy NERD!!

// J.Crew Factory Jean Jacket // Old Navy Striped Dress // Pink Gingham Shirt // Brown Tassel Booties (ON SALE for $74.90) // Brown Tassel Booties – (ON SALE for $89.37) // Similar Booties // Valentino Cat Eye Sunglasses // Similar Sunglasses // Embroidery //

Photography by Tom Turk

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3 thoughts on “Be YOU and Have Fun (with fashion)

  1. Julie Bonner says:

    I love this so much! Yes, we have to have fun with fashion. It’s how we express ourselves so why not? And if I had your jacket, I would totally bring it back to you. Hope it finds its way back to you someday. 🙂

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