Happy 38th Birthday to ME

Happy 38th Birthday to ME!!

Well actually, it’s on Sunday, the 23rd…but still!!!

I hope this doesn’t seem silly…saying Happy Birthday to myself.  I mean, it is kind of silly, but why not?!?!  The older I get, the more I realize how special each and every birthday is.  I am learning to love and appreciate my husband, my children, my parents, siblings and extended family and friends more and more.  That is what is important in life, to me.

With each birthday, even my 38th, I get so darn excited especially the night before.  My parents did such an amazing job of making us feel SO SPECIAL on our birthdays, that feeling hasn’t escaped me.  I only hope and pray my children feel the same way.  It really isn’t about the big, over-the-top parties thrown (guilty as charged!!), it’s about those little things that create an amazing intangible feeling.

My other theory is…we only get ONE day a year that is truly ours.  It’s MY day (although I share my birthday with 3 other generations in my family which is VERY cool)…but it’s MY day in my little house and family 🙂  So, with all of that being said…I took some pictures to celebrate 38 years!!

Happy 38th Birthday to ME

Happy 38th Birthday to ME

Now, on to the important parts…hehehe

// Ily Couture Birthday Girl Shirt // Chicwish Pink Skirt (this is THIS skirt that I had shortened because I knew I would get much more wear with it midi length) // Similar Skirt // Valentino Rockstud Heels // Similar Heels for Under $44 // Stella & Dot Necklace (old) //

Thank you SO MUCH Tom Turk for capturing these fun pictures!!!

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