All Black Golf Outfit

Golfing Around

All Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf OutfitAll Black Golf Outfit

The hubby loves golf. I don’t. Ugh.

To be honest, the only reason I don’t is because I have been “taught” two times…once by my brother and the other by my husband. Terrible results. These are two guys I can “yell” at and don’t like being told what to do by them, I just didn’t listen. They probably both know what they’re talking about in this subject, but, ya know…I didn’t listen…

Because it is a huge interest and passion of my husband’s, and he actually does enjoy when I tag along, it’s something I am going to prioritize and learn how to play. BUT, by a golf professional…someone I cannot roll my eyes at 😉

But, when I do play, darn it, I wanna feel cute!  Cute and chic!!  So, all black with a pop of pink and there ya go!!  Plus, I feel like this sporty outfit is well rounded…I could totally rock this playing tennis too.

Have a GREAT Labor Day Weekend!!  And guess what the hubby will be doing on Monday ⛳️🏌⛳️🏌

// Black Tennis Skort // Black Tennis Skirt // Black Tank Top // Hot Pink Nikes // Hot Pink Nikes ON SALE for $50!! // Nike Ball Cap // Black Ball Cap (I’m OBSESSED with the brim) // Ray Ban Aviators //

Photography by Lex Designs Co.

8 thoughts on “Golfing Around

  1. ruthieridley says:

    First of all, you look amazing! Love the look, second of all, you are an amazing wife!! Ben would love it if I golfed with him!! You are inspiring me, I may join him next time LOL!

  2. darlingdearestblog says:

    Love this look! My husband is the golf coach at our local high school- he LOVES to play. I totally get what you mean, my dad and my husband have both tried to teach me but I get so impatient with them! I don’t like them telling me what to do:) I do enjoy riding along, though!

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