Wallpaper 5.0

This is a tray ceiling in our brand new guest room!! IMG_8422-2IMG_8423IMG_8426

This angle is looking straight up, so it’s only molding and the ceiling surrounding it.


When we did our master bedroom renovation, we added a room beneath it because it needed the structural support.  We debated for a while what to turn the room into (theatre room/man cave, small workout room, kids playroom) and finally decided another guest bedroom made sense.  Since Peter’s family lives out of town as well as a lot of our friends, having an extra bedroom will always be helpful.

We have not finished the bedroom, so that is why there are only pictures of the ceiling.  Once we do, which should be soon, I will do a full post (if everyone is interested in seeing).

We chose this color of blue because the room has two large windows that look out to the water. I feel like this color of wallpaper resembles the cove.  I want our guests to feel tranquil and rested when they leave!

Wallpaper – Schumacher Haruki Sisal

– Color Cornflower

Thank you again Kate , I can’t do any of this without you!!

I am kind of sad this is the last post for wallpaper 🙁  Maybe I need to add more, hehehe.

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  1. Julie says:

    I think you should just turn it into home decor Wednesdays! It doesn’t have the same nice alliteration, but I LOVE your decor and am dying to see more.

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