Wallpaper Wednesday 1.0


I have an intense enthusiasm for wallpaper.  It is one of those things that I took the leap a couple of years ago and never looked back.  This is where it started – the girls’ Jack and Jill bathroom.  I saw this pink equestrian pattern and just knew I HAD TO HAVE IT.  I reached out to my friend Kate, from Kate Abt Design, showed it to her and she got equally excited (maybe more!), as her daughter actually rides horses and competes!  She did some research and used her magic and TADA, a couple weeks later, it was delivered!

It was installed about 2 years ago and I still get giggly every time I walk in their bath room.  Stephon, who has installed all of my wallpaper, asked if I was sure I wanted it in the shower room (not because he was worried in it peeling because of the dampness, he’s very confident in his installation), but because it was a busy pattern, I said “all three rooms!!”.  He laughed and said “ok”…although we all know he was thinking “this lady is crazy!!”

This is the first of five rooms in my house where I have used wallpaper.  The next five Wednesday’s I will showcase each room.  It is in no particular order, as I love each pattern I choose and each room where they shine equally!

Equestrian Wallpaper – Hibou Home – Gymkhana in Coral/Sand.

Shower Curtain – Target // Similar //

Mirror – Lowe’s

Art – Etsy (I purchased these in 2013 and the shop doesn’t seem to be open anymore)

Frames – Michael’s


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    • tiffaniatbretonbay says:

      I wasn’t either, this was my first and BY FAR boldest choice. I think it’s safe to say the others are much more neutral and “safer”! I hope I inspire you to make the leap 🙂

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