Dancing in the Rain and GIVEAWAY WINNER

This was So. Much. Fun.  I was fortunate enough to shoot at Chateau Melanson Winery in Laurel Grove, Maryland last week during one of our many days of rain.  Even on a dreary and rainy day, it was gorgeous!

This is real life for me…Lululemon pants and layered tops to stay warm…  Almost every single day…


// Lululemon Wunder Under Pant // Splendid Turtleneck // Old Navy Striped Shirt // Hunter Boots (kids) // Target Umbrella (Similar) //

Photography by Lex Co Design  Erin is so talented and a very dear girlfriend.  I love how she ran with the artsy side of photography!!

And the WINNER of the Faux Fur Vest is  MICHELLE WHITE!!!  (I will contact you directly Michelle)   Thank you EVERYONE that entered.  It was so much fun reading everyone’s comments on how they would style the vest.  I definitely picked up a couple of pointers that I will try!  Maybe next weekend when we are are Deep Creek Lake skiing!!

5 thoughts on “Dancing in the Rain and GIVEAWAY WINNER

  1. valeriesripple says:

    Hunters – one of my most favorite shoes!!! It’s funny how long they have been around. If you watch “Winnie The Pooh” they are in the intro, Christopher Robin’s iconic green ones!

    The black and stripes – LOVE!

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