Our little Valentine’s Day

A little change up from the regular fashion posts, but yesterday was too fun to not share!!


I saw these BE  ST  FRI  ENDS t-shirts with a momma and her baby and just could.  not.  resist.  I was exhausted from traveling home from Miami and the girls were only a teeny bit cooperative during the little photo shoot…but a little lipstick and blush persuasion helped their efforts (no judging!!)


I actually thought ahead and had the presents ready for the kids, so when we got home, I retrieved them from their hiding places and gave them to three very excited kiddos! (Pssst, this is Dollar Store wrapping paper and the ribbon is from a huge spool that I purchased on major sale and have been using it for over a year!!)


We had seen these Girls’ Eiffel tower bags at J.Crew a couple of months ago and the girls went crazy.  (They have had an Eiffel Tower and Paris obsession ever since Peter and I went a year and a half ago.  We may encourage this obsession a little ;-).  We cannot wait to take them when everyone is old enough!)  I said no that day to the purses, but snuck back in the store and tucked them away for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift!!




Shay received these two books and was just as excited.  I absolutely adore his affection for tractors and “chop choos”.  He is the sweetest little guy ever!!


Matti Jane with her Valentine’s Day gifts…she couldn’t have been happier!!!


// Girls’ Eiffel Tower Glitter Bag // Girls’ Old Navy Black Leggings // Best Friends T-shirts // Girls Pink Bows // Hudson Boyfriend Jeans // My Giant Tractor Book // Chugga Chugga Choo Choo Book //

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