Snow + Pink Couch = Magical Shoot

I am heading home after picking up the pink couch…clearly EXCITED!!  (and for the record, I was stopped at a light!!)
protecting the couch…and me 😉  And, it was 11 in the MORNING…can you believe that?!?!

Tiffani18514Tiffani18516 1

my husband is amazing!!

Tiffani18524 1

we did this one because, obviously to mock the snow, but I also did a similar pose during my wedding pictures and thought it was quite ironic
he’s awesome!!!

Tiffani18538Tiffani18532 1

I have to be honest with y’all! I had a vision once I decided on the name of my blog –  me on a pink, tufted couch on a pier (yes, a pier!) in a white dress with Breton Bay in the background. Of course, naturally, the vision included the sun shining brightly and hopefully not too cold. I would settle for nothing less!!

Well, everything came together one weekend – the couch, the dress, the photographer but so did the SNOW :-(((((((. I sat in the car, out of the elements, trying not to cry (I couldn’t cry, I just had my makeup done for heaven’s sake!!)  I walked out to the pier once Tom (the fabulous photographer who I have worked with many times in the past), his amazing team (you know who you are!!) and the couch were ready, in my puffy coat and Uggs (not very fancy, to say the least). But, pulled myself together, smiled and did everything to hide just how cold I was. Knowing my hair was going to be a wet mess, I saw one of the shots on Tom’s computer and literally gasped…the shot truly looked magical!!  Even my brother asked if the snow was photoshopped in!!  I promise everyone reading this, it was Tom‘s fabulousness as a photographer and the natural elements, that created a truly unique and magical result.  I couldn’t be more thrilled!!

A seriously very very big THANK YOU to Tom and Brenda of Piratical Photography, I cannot even imagine how these pictures would have turned out without your professionalism!!

** photography by Piratical Photography

** makeup by Letitia Thornhill

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