• Five Friday Favorites Fifty and Less October 20 2017 Five Under Fifty 1.5 (10/20/2017) - The leaves are changing and the temps have certainly dropped.  I am LOVING this weather, it is truly my favorite time of year!!  (That may or may not have something to do with my birthday being on Monday…eeeekkkk!!)  But, I do love me a great scarf, a pom pom hat and a jean jacket.  And, … Continue reading Five Under Fifty 1.5
  • Best Fall Dress Under $40 (10/18/2017) - It is pretty darn chilly outside all mornings this week.  Does that get anyone else excited about layering?!?!  It does me!!  I love layering…to me it’s the perfect opportunity to add an extra something to an otherwise fairly simple outfit.  A chambray shirt, for example, is cool and chic with ANY outfit. I get a … Continue reading Best Fall Dress Under $40
  • Peter's 41st Birthday Peter’s 41st Birthday (10/17/2017) - Hi friends!!  How’s it going this Tuesday??  It’s a busy week for me, but something SUPER FUN is waiting for me at the end…my sister’s BACHELORETTE PARTY!!!  I CANNOT wait!!!   In the meantime though, we celebrating a birthday a couple weeks ago (I know, I know, another one…hahaha) and I wanted to share a … Continue reading Peter’s 41st Birthday
  • Embroidered Jeans Embroidered Jeans (10/16/2017) - Rain, rain, go away!!  It’s so hard Monday-ing and adding this rain does not help.  But, I am hoping it forces me to get some stuff done inside the house this morning.  (Wish me luck!!) You guys, embroidery is SO HUGE right now!!!  If you were considering it, do not hesitate.  This is such an … Continue reading Embroidered Jeans